Technology in Healthcare: the pros and cons

It is almost impossible to imagine our lives without technology. For years it has been accompanying us in everything we do, from sending birthday wishes to making vacation plans. It is thus only natural that technology would take on an increasingly important role in healthcare pathways, even becoming an integral part of the health system. Video-tutorials, Apps, video-calls, emails and text messages have many advantages– training patients, sending reminders about doctor’s appointments, scheduled treatments and monitoring a patient’s state of health. A treatment program, however, cannot be based solely on technology. Despite how innovative technology can be, it has its limitations. No App could ever be as scrupulously precise as a human being in getting to know a patient or in establishing a patient’s needs or specific hardships in a certain moment. Domedica, through its Patient Support Programs, uses many different technological solutions suited to the needs of every patient, offering technological programs that are customized for each patient (text messages, emails, Apps, video-calls). Human contact is fundamental in order to do this. Dialogue between healthcare workers and patients is necessary in order to establish the parameters on which technological support is based.

Fast, accessible and cost-effective: the benefits of online health services

Domedica prefers an approach that is based on human contact, especially in the first stages of the program where the patient, physician and caregiver must meet to establish a personalized “journey” that combines direct, human contact with a specific amount of technology established by the patient. The patient must choose which approach is most suited to his or her own personality, using the technological services provided only how and when they want. 

The main benefits of technology are:

  • 24/7 access

Video tutorials can address questions and concerns anytime and anywhere, even when Domedica professionals are not available;

  • Convenient and time-saving

Emails, text messages and Apps provide a quick way to answer questions or periodically remind patients about doctor’s appointments or scheduled treatments;

  • Cost-effective

Technological solutions allow constant support, keeping patients close through remote monitoring and providing faster and more efficient healthcare services for patients, all while reducing unnecessary visits to specialists or hospitals. 

The drawbacks of an exclusively technological approach

There are limitations to only using technology in healthcare, which include: 

  • Lack of attention to detail

Specific questions or concerns cannot be addressed solely through technology, but by talking to a medical expert;

  • Isolation

Patients can feel isolated and neglected through an exclusively technological approach;

  • Lack of or less frequent dialogue

Dialogue is a fundamental part of the physician-patient relationship.

Technology in healthcare is advantageous in that it offers patients fast and punctual indications, such as daily reminders to improve adherence to therapy, but Patient Support Programs must also take into consideration the limitations of technology and offer solutions for integrated care that include direct human contact. There is no standardized combination of the two. Domedica creates a customized care plan for every individual patient based on his or her individual preferences and ongoing needs.

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