Tech n’Care prepares patients for diagnostic exams

Domedica’s innovative approach offers patients support through a balance of human and technological aspects, based on the individual preferences of each patient. Joining a support program allows patients to fully prepare for diagnostic exams, even invasive ones, by overcoming the difficulties involved.

Drawbacks of preparing for diagnostic tests

Diagnostic tests may require a great deal of preparation and sacrifice on behalf of the patient. Adhering to doctors’ prescriptions, coping with having to perform an exam and following instructions for exam preparation is neither easy or obvious.

Even after receiving written instructions explaining test preparation, many patients do not read them or wrongly interpret them, producing negative consequences both for the patient and the National Healthcare System.

Not only can patients risk late diagnosis because inadequate preparation may require diagnostic tests to be repeated, but it also increases costs for the National Healthcare System requiring doctors, nurses and healthcare facilities to work double time. 

How the program works

Domedica’s Tech n’ Care program allows patients to be taken care of and followed through the use of technology that provides personalized information, medicine reminders for exam preparation and offers direct contact with Domedica’s Patient Care Centre, which is made up of healthcare professionals that fully support patients throughout their entire “journey” in the program.

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