High Touch and High Tech.
Care, personalised.

The most effective blend of Professionals and Technology to serve the “Care Ecosystem”.

Tech n’ Care is Domedica’s new approach to deliver truly personalised care. Dedicated to Patients and to Health Care Professionals.

Introducing Tech n’ Care®: a new paradigm to deliver care, devised by Domedica.

Tech n’ Care® is an innovative approach that blends humans and technology to serve the “Care Ecosystem”: Patients, Caregivers, Health Care Professionals.

  • Tech n’ Care® engineers people- and technology-enabled touchpoints to nurture relationships, deliver care, provide assistance all along the Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Assistance Path;
  • Each touchpoint shares the intelligence of all of Tech n’ Care® solutions and is customised based on requirements and personal preferences.

Tech n’ Care® is fully compliant with GDPR/ 2018 and data management and processing regulations.

Numbers and Stats

300 +
Patient Support Programmes, RWE-related projects and studies executed until now
160 +
Field Professionals (Nurses, Physicians, Psychologists, Research Nurses, Physiotherapists)
2.200 +
Drug Deliveries
Local Health Authorities covered in Italy
100.000 +
Patients Supported
European Markets Covered