Tech n’ care: Domedica’s personalized combination of human relationships and technology.

Technology has been invading every sector of human life for several years and it now seems impossible to carry out daily life without it. The healthcare industry is no different and technology has brought about many advantages in this sector as well. The use of technology, however, has separated patients into different categories based on how technologically-inclined they are.

The two extremes of the spectrum are:

  • the elderly (for whom the use of simple functions on a mobile phone is quite an achievement);
  • the so-called millennials or digital natives (who are constantly connected to a technological device and practically refuse any sort of interaction, contact or instrument that precludes the use of technology).

These differences must be taken into consideration when providing healthcare services as the effectiveness of treatment can vary greatly between them. Another fundamental element in the evolution of medicine is the immense amount of data that is made available each day and that physicians and the world of medicine in general can draw on. Having access to this data allows us to understand, in the real world, which elements facilitate or hamper a course of treatment. Real-World Evidence has, thus, become an essential part of the development of precision medicine, a new global trend.

How can the needs of each individual physician and patient be considered in this complex scenario?

Domedica has the answer to this question with Tech n’ Care, an innovative approach that offers personalized support and that not only considers specific Patient Journeys for each disease, but also patient preferences regarding the use of technology.

Tech n’ Care offers a balance between technology and human contact

Through its Patient Support Programs, Domedica has developed an approach that allows its medical professionals (nurses, physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, etc.) to personalize interaction with patients, which includes:

  • Direct, human contact (i.e. in the initial phase of the program, when the specific needs of each individual patient and physician must be adequately understood);
  • Technological channels that allow effective interaction.

It is up to the patient and the physician to decide which is best. Domedica offers technological solutions that can be used on everyday devices and systems and allows patients and doctors to personalize the course of each patient and physician in the program.

Every solution is offered in compliance with the GDPR/2018 and data protection regulations.

Optimize resources without losing dialogue.

Tech n’ Care’s strong point is the combination of the advantages derived both from human contact and technology, minimizing the defects of both.

Human contact is still the main approach used to build trust with the patient, a relationship where the patient is heard, treated and accepted.

At the same time, technology makes some types of contact both faster and more efficient, making the whole system more effective.

In situations where technology proves insufficient, we either revert back to or integrate human contact in order to respond on a case-by-case basis to the demands of the patient or physician.

Domedica’s decision to take on the Tech n’ Care approach represents a decisive step forward in the journey to integrate technology in health care, to significantly improve the quality of life of both patients and physicians in addition to demonstrating the innovative character of a company that continues to break new ground in the healthcare sector. 

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