Patient Support Programmes

Our Experience

Our Patient Support Programmes enhance the quality and effectiveness of care, improve therapy adoption and increase long-term adherence.

Our Clients

We work with the majority of the leading Multinational Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies, in Italy and in other European countries.

A Sample of our Services in Patient Support Programmes

Therapy administration, IV infusions
  • At home
  • At Domedica’s Infusion Centres
Remote care, tele-health
  • Education
  • Support, scheduling and reminding of therapy- and PDTA-related milestones
  • Emotional support
At-home training & support
  • Therapy administration
  • Pre-emption, management of adverse events
  • Practical, emotional support
Home delivery of therapies, consumables
  • Consumables
  • Training on correct storage
  • Specialty Waste Disposal
Education to clinical centre staff
  • Information, training, Q&A about practical, therapy-related issues
  • Training, support to introduction of new medical device
In-pharmacy care
Psychological, emotional support
Online specialist consultation

Patient Support Programmes – Numbers and Stats

Active Support Programmes
100.000 +
Patients Supported
300 +
Patient Support Programmes. RWE-related Projects and studies
2.200 +
Drug Deliveries
160 +
Field Professionals (Nurses, Physicians, Psychologists, Research Nurses, Physiotherapists)
European Markets Covered