Pet Owners Profile

Several international studies in recent years have traced the profiles of Italian pet owners and have classified Italy as one of the most animal friendly countries in Europe since the bond between an owner and pet lasts an average of twenty years.

A general profile

The Assalco report bases its profile of pet owners on clients from Italian veterinarian facilities and highlights that they are:

  • Mostly women
  • People with a higher level of education

Relationships with the vet

A core issue in the description of the average Italian pet owner is their relationship with their veterinarian.

In December 2018, ANMVI conducted a study on pet owners (not including fish or invertebrate owners) who frequently brought their animal to the vet for check-ups or consultations.

Italian pet owners are clients that develop a strong bond with their veterinarians and often consult their vet on all issues regarding the health and well-being of their pet, including acquisitions to guarantee the same. Only 5% of clients report that they do not follow the indications given by the veterinarian.

The average opinion towards veterinarians is, on the whole, excellent, even in cases where vet visits are less frequent (for example, pet owners who live outside the city).

Pet owners and pet food

A deeper knowledge of pet nutrition and food technology has significantly transformed the pet food industry throughout the years. The majority of pet owners know the benefits of industrial pet food and are using it more and more.

The main benefits are:

  • A correct quantity of nutrients to maintain the health and physical activity of the pet
  • The use of ingredients from safe and eco-friendly sources
  • A gratifying taste experience for the animal

Based on the analysis of the 2015-2017 three-year report of the PNAA (National Control Plan on Animal Nutrition), 99% of the 833 samples collected conformed to pet food standards. This result proves that the entire production chain works correctly. On one side of the chain, the operators are attentive in selecting raw materials and rigorous in production processes, on the other side, control authorities ensure a safe product for pets that live in the homes of Italians.

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