Patient Support Programs: Caring for patients wherever they are and whenever they need it

Patient Support Programs aid doctors in medication therapy management. They redefine and broaden the concept of assistance, improve adherence to medications and treatment and, consequently, improve their effectiveness and quality of life.

Trusting that treatment works

It is often not treatment that is flawed, but the patient’s approach to treatment. The majority of patients with chronic illness are passive, withdrawn and doubtful that treatment will be effective. Consequently, these patients fall into a vicious circle where their mistrust leads to low adherence, which then causes the results of treatment to be less beneficial and creates even more mistrust in the patient and even lower adherence rates. Many studies reveal that low adherence to treatment is the main reason medication therapy can be ineffective, with adherence percentage rates lower than 50% in major chronic diseases.

Patient Support Programs, the patient is put at the center

In order to increase the percentage of patients that adhere to treatment and, more generally, to improve the patient’s quality of life, Patient Support Programs provide an organized system of house calls, phone and online services to meet the needs of each patient, putting the patient at the center of a 24-hour support network with positive ramifications from a psychological point of view.
The following basic services are provided by Patient Support Programs, and offered by Domedica as well:

  • Patient management guidelines are established and personalized with the treating physician to optimize adherence to treatment
  • Patient follow-up with care that makes patients feel more supported in taking medication, both inside the hospital as well as at home
  • Minimized trips to the hospital
  • Response to patient requests and concerns 24-hours a day, if possible

What do pharmaceutical companies say?

Patient Support Programs have no influence over the choice of medication prescribed, which is obviously left completely in the hands of the treating physician. Pharmaceutical companies, however, have begun taking interest in programs that go beyond the “administration” of drugs through efforts to increase patient participation. Pharmaceutical companies must determine which services are of greater value to the patient and, consequently, discover what the medicine market is missing in order to better direct resources and investments.

Patient Support Programs in Italy: continuous growth

Following their success in Europe, especially in England and in Scandinavia, Patient Support Programs have become widely accepted in Italy as well. At Domedica, we have created Personalized Support Programs that also provide emotional and psychological support, education and training in clinical centers and specialized online consulting. We are committed to continuous improvement and welcome your comments and feedback. If you have suggestions or would like further information, please write us here.

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