Multidisciplinary Doctor: Training and specialized online consulting

Promoting the collegial and multidisciplinary nature of medicine, through education and training in medical centers and through specialized online consulting, always strengthens the holistic approach to patient care.

The activities Domedica carries out directly with the patient are only a part of the complex undertakings at the foundation of our Patient Support Programs. Online and offline services remain an important aspect that considers the doctors and paramedics as the final users, and not the patient.

Offline. Training the trainer

When a new drug or device arrives on the market, even medical centers need information. This role was, and often still is, carried out by the company that created the drug or the device through informers or nurses. This basically means training the trainer, who must then explain the same concepts to the patients that will use the product. Domedica decided to offer this same type of support because we believe that doctors, paramedics and nurses spend most of their time at work in contact with patients and have a more empathetic approach in explaining the characteristics of the drug or device.

Domedica’s offline activities that take place in medical centers belonging to the Patient Support Programs also handle more specific aspects linked to individual treatments, such as Q&A on practical aspects and questions associated with personal treatments, general information and all types of support.

Online. The virtual multidisciplinary doctor

Some diseases require doctors with different specializations to exchange information and opinions on a more or less regular basis. There is a particularly important drug in treating multiple sclerosis, for example, that is quite complicated and requires the neurologist to consult one or more infectious disease specialists.

There are some critical issues, however, that regard these types of occasional consultations:

  • Consultation time available: we are normally speaking about professionals that have very little time available, thus, finding a time and place that various professionals can meet is typically a problem.
  • Lack of specialists in health centers: some medical centers are less structured and it is not always possible for doctors to consult different medical specialists in order to manage a complicated case merely because they do not all work in the same center. Domedica has resolved this problem with an online service it offers. In the multiple sclerosis example mentioned above, we organized an online team of infectious disease specialists that is coordinated by one infectious disease specialist that any neurologist or any type of medical specialist can make use of. Not only does this speed up the process and improve the quality of doctor-to-doctor consultations, but it also promotes the collegial and multidisciplinary nature of medicine.

Through these services, Domedica promotes treatment through an increasingly more holistic approach that takes all aspects of the patient, including psychological aspects, into consideration.  Given that the medical specialist by definition is an expert in only one sector and hyper-specialization is on the rise, Domedica has created a sort of virtual multidisciplinary doctor – a group of specialized doctors that consult one another in order to get an extremely specific and sectorial outlook of the patient in general terms and as a whole.

The primary and essential objective of these services, like other Domedica services, can be expressed in two words: patient first.

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