Home Infusion Therapy and Outpatient Infusion Therapy: Benefits for Patients

Hospitals can be a potentially dangerous place for immunosuppressed patients given the high risk of contracting a virus. Home infusion therapy or infusion therapy in medical centers provide safe and protected environments that greatly reduce this risk.

Medication administration and home infusion therapy – medical centers are going local

What is the difference between injections and infusions?

The difference in meaning between these two terms has to do with the quantity of the drug administered. Both terms relate to the parenteral (subcutaneously, intramuscular and intravenous are the most common) administration of a drug:

  1. Small quantities for injections- such as a quantity that fits inside a syringe
  2. Large quantities for infusions- such as a quantity that fits inside an IV

Many pharmaceutical companies currently market injection therapies (normally subcutaneous or intramuscular) in the form of pen injectors or auto injectors. In these cases, with adequate training, patients or caregivers are able to administer the drug themselves. Training also allows patients and caregivers to autonomously administer even more complex drugs intravenously, if the doctor deems necessary, for example in the management of hemophilia.

Domedica’s Support Programs offer clinical centers and patients the following services:

  1. For all types of injections, training for the correct use and management of injections and related devices is normally provided by nurses either in-person or by phone/video;
  2. For infusions, drug administration to patients and relative supervision and training on the management of the disease through home infusion therapy or outpatient infusion therapy administered in centers managed by Domedica. These health centers have multidisciplinary teams (doctors, nurses, etc.) that organize and manage infusions according to the protocol agreed upon with the patient’s clinical center, which is always informed on the activities of patients who use the program.

The advantages of carrying out infusions in Domedica’s Infusion Centers:

  1. Travel time is noticeably reduced because Domedica’s Infusion Centers have gone “local”, and are located more strategically than hospitals, both in the city and in provinces;
  2. Patients are given a very specific appointment time so that the patient is only in the center for the time needed to carry out the infusion. Eliminating waiting time in medical centers drastically reduces the risk of contracting an infection from other patients.

Another reason medical centers are going local is because many medications are not prescribed in all hospitals and often only dispensed by hospital pharmacies located in Prescription Centers, which there are very few of in Italy.

Domedica’s Patient Support Programs allow doctors to prescribe the right treatment even to patients that live faraway or who are unable to go to a hospital as a result of their pathology or social substrate, allowing these patients to be treated adequately as if they had gone to their regular medical center.

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