Home Delivery of medication improves adherence to therapy

Home delivery of medication, besides being more convenient, is one of the most effective solutions for improving adherence to therapy in patients. Consistently taking medicine as prescribed by a doctor and resupplying medication when it is finished may seem simple, but medication for many chronic diseases is only available in hospital pharmacies, requiring more effort on behalf of patients or caregivers to obtain the medication. This added difficulty may discourage some patients, causing them to interrupt treatment if there is a delay in re-purchasing medication.

Home delivery of medication, with no extra effort or trips, has several advantages:

  • It guarantees consistency in treatment
  • It improves a patient’s quality of life
  • It saves time and money for patients and their families, requiring no travel costs or missed days of work to re-purchase medication.

Home delivery of medication through Patient Support Programs

Patient Support Programs offer the most effective solutions when it comes to improving adherence to therapy in patients. Not only do these programs support the patient through every stage of treatment, but they guarantee home delivery of medication, meeting the needs of pharmacies and doctors as well. In order to deliver medications dispensed at a hospital:

  • hospital pharmacists must be involved
  • it must be guaranteed that medication has been picked up and travels at a controlled temperature, according to high standards of quality
  • pick-ups must be planned both with the pharmacy and with patients
  • eventual delays in pick-up or delivery must be coordinated

Domedica’s Patient Support Programs offer home delivery of medication through partnerships with first-rate providers of transport medicine services that operate both on national and international levels. At any moment Domedica is able to:

  • track the position of the means of transportation
  • control the temperature at which medication is travelling
  • receive information on the outcome of delivery.

By guaranteeing high standards of quality in the home delivery of medication, Domedica helps doctors and patients achieve the maximum effectiveness of treatments prescribed, avoiding interruptions linked to difficulties in re-purchasing medication. What’s more, it increases the quality of life of the patient, who is freer to dedicate more time and resources to enjoyable and stimulating activities, both for themselves and for their families.

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