Domedica digitalizes patient journeys for the chronically

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With Salesforce we can make sure every patient receives even more specific and timely support, not only by providing the treating physician with dedicated access to data, but also by interreacting with our project sponsors”

Maurizio Pèrcopo, Managing Director of Domedica

More innovative drugs and care have allowed diseases such as diabetes, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis and cancer to become chronic diseases, thus greatly increasing patient life expectancy. For various reasons, however, many patients do not take their medication regularly, seriously compromising their health condition and significantly increasing health expenses for the National Health System, which has to contend with eventual relapses with more expensive treatments, hospitalizations and surgeries.

In 2005, an Italian company – Domedica – broke new ground by designing ‘Patient Support Programs’ (PSPs) for people with chronic diseases. These programs enrich the patient journey by improving patient adherence to therapy, disease awareness and observance of periodical check-ups. Domedica identified pharmaceutical companies as sponsors for its PSPs in order to maximize the effectiveness of pharmaceutical care with a 360-degree approach, generating value that goes beyond the simple supply of a drug.

In recent years, consistent with technological development, Domedica has undertaken a course of digital transformation to add even more personalization to patient journeys and create more efficient developments. “With Salesforce we can make sure every patient receives even more specific and timely support, not only by providing treating physicians with dedicated access to data, but also by interreacting with our project sponsors”, affirmed Maurizio Pèrcopo, Managing Director of Domedica.

Collecting and managing a large amount of sensitive data correctly.

To date, Domedica has assisted more than 90,000 chronic patients with articulated and differentiated patient journeys. The collection and management of such large amounts of data has created the need to explore the use of more advanced platforms than those initially used. “We wanted a solution that made the work of our healthcare professionals easier and more efficient and that was strong enough to satisfy the specific requirements of our sector, even concerning sensitive data retention”, Pèrcopo explains.

Domedica evaluated many different options available on the market and chose Salesforce. “We knew that a normal CRM solution wasn’t for us, that’s why we turned towards Health Cloud”, Pèrcopo observes. “The platform fulfills our rigid requirements, data separation and ease of integration with other business systems. And since it’s established on the Cloud, it promises continuous innovation and the possibility of quickly developing new apps specifically designed for our PSPs”.

Health Cloud and Community Cloud thoroughly track the entire patient journey

Health Cloud is used by approximately 50 Domedica professionals who carry out patient care activities on company premises and use the program to perform remote care activities and gather and keep track of data for each of the approximate 10,000 patients currently being followed. Data for each patient includes all anagraphic data (care centers, caregivers), remote healthcare requests (including video calls through the Salesforce platform which is integrated with the VoIP phone system) and much more. Health Cloud also enables the effective management of each pharmacovigilance procedure requested by pharmaceutical companies.

Community Cloud, instead, is used by more than 160 Domedica healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, psychologists and physical therapists, who work off company premises to provide in-home care. Healthcare professionals can access the platform from wherever they are for the list of visits they have to make, the tasks to perform for each individual patient, the associated timelines and to collect all data useful to managing the patient’s journey in real time, eliminating paper forms and other obsolete and unreliable instruments. Thus, every part of each patient’s journey is punctually carried out, including the making of reports on each activity. The reports fuel Health Cloud’s database, which is integrated with a time report system used by everyone who works for Domedica, both on and off premises.

Data protection and improved services even for pharmaceutical companies.

Domedica has developed a solution that guarantees the separation of data for each individual PSP and guarantees that each specialist – from Domedica or a care team – only has access to the data they are responsible for and which is needed for consultation or updating. The Salesforce platform is integrated with Microsoft accounting software, allowing it to manage all company accounting data and relationships with clients and partners in addition to ensuring the control management of all PSPs.

Domedica also uses Community Cloud to share data from the PSPs with each pharmaceutical company, solely in an aggregate and anonymous form. The platform allows pharmaceutical companies access to a dashboard that displays data regarding Domedica’s management activities and that is relative to KPIs. Thus, through Community Cloud, Domedica can offer clients continuous and updated reports, eliminating the exchange of valuable and sensitive data through unsafe channels, such as email, etc.

Towards an ever greater digital future.

Domedica is satisfied with the results achieved with the implementation of Health Cloud and Community Cloud. “Now we can track and analyze a larger among of data and access it much faster. What’s more, the Salesforce platform is an excellent business card for relationships in the pharmaceutical industry and contributes to classifying Domedica as a well-structured, innovative state-of-the-art company”, Pèrcopo pointed out.

On this basis, Domedica has already planned future extensions of its own digital transformation project. Health Cloud will help the company define a standard package to offer clients, reducing the development costs of new care programs. Furthermore, Service Cloud will be used to establish new relationships with pharmaceutical companies interested in backing support programs for chronic disease patients. Even the use of Marketing Cloud is being studied to make the sending of messages and reminders to patients even more efficient and to help patients become more autonomous in the management of their own patient journey. The Salesforce platform is also used by Domedica in an innovative project on scientific information for veterinarians regarding specialized diets for pets with specific diseases.

“Our activities are a niche that is distinguished by particular needs in a sector – healthcare – that places very strict requirements. Having satisfied all these needs, Salesforce has proven the perfect partner to accompany Domedica towards an ever greater digital future”, concludes Pèrcopo.

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