Coronavirus Emergency: support programs for local assistance

The high number of hospitalized and intensive care patients has inevitably turned the spotlight back on the national healthcare system, which is currently on the front lines of the battle against Covid-19 that has been afflicting Italy for weeks.

In addition to the emergency situation in our hospitals, the measures adopted to limit contagion have restricted a large number of patients from going to hospitals for:

  1. Routine check-ups
  2. Administration of hospital medicines
  3. Picking up medicines for home therapy
  4. Continuation of clinical trials

Voices have been raised and solutions have been sought out for these four aforementioned points, which must be resolved in order to avoid, in the short and middle term, the risk of a serious impact on the health of the entire country.

Domedica, a leader in integrated healthcare, continues to support patients and clinical centers through their support programs.

Le soluzioni già adottate da tempo che si stanno rivelando necessarie in questa fase

For some years Domedica has been developing a model – Tech n’ Care – that provides patients and clinical centers with support through the use of technology while continuing to ensure human contact between patients and healthcare professionals.

Solutions such as:

  • ● Video-visits -with physicians, nurses and physical therapists who continue to guarantee healthcare continuity for every patient in the program.
  • ● The administration of hospital medicines at patients’ homes and the home delivery of medicine continue to guarantee therapeutic continuity so patients do not have to go to clinical centers.
  • ● Clinical study activities are being carried out directly at patients’ homes to avoid the interruption of studies and ensure patient safety.

Along with these immediate solutions, Domedica continues to remain close to its clients, clinical centers and patients to design and set up even more ad hoc solutions in order to continue creating value and truly support our nation during such a critical time.

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