The “2018 Report – Donate to cure: Poverty, Healthcare and Drug Donations”, promoted by the non-profit Banco Farmaceutico Foundation and BfResearch, revealed that many Italian families do not have access to medication and medical treatments due to poverty. This is just one of many contradictions in a country like Italy, which, on one hand, is […]

polio eradication

There is good news from the world of medicine. The number of poliomyelitis cases throughout the world has decreased, with only a few countries left with the disease. Continuing with correct vaccination strategies, WHO expects eradication in 2019.

immune response

A new study seems to demonstrate that immune response is determined by genetic factors. Until now scientists have underestimated the role of genetics in fighting disease, yet a recent study has offered a new perspective to this question. Someone who suffers from herpes, or is often subject to other types of viruses, may blame their […]

hiv young people

For years HIV was at the center of attention in the media and in institutions. It was the main focus of a number of awareness and prevention campaigns. Then, it began to pass unobserved. There is not much talk about HIV today, but it is as dangerous as ever. In fact, more and more cases […]

air pollution

As more progress in research is made, new possible causes of several diseases, from tumors to mental illnesses, have emerged. It has always been known that air pollution is harmful to human health, but a recent study published in the Journal of Intellectual Disability Research by a research team at the University of Sydney has […]

Breast implants

Reports of breast implants being linked to cancer linked to breast implants is nothing new. Yet recent studies carried out in France and the USA, as well as those carried out by the Guardian in the UK, seem to confirm this hypothesis. Textured implants (implants with rough surfaces), which have been widely used since the […]

pillola digitale - digital pill

Adherence to treatment has taken what just might prove to be a giant step forward. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first digital pill that informs physicians whether or not the pill has been taken through its own sensor and App. Is this now the era of “smart pharmaceuticals”?

Supercellule -safe cell

Promoters of Genome Project-write (Gp-write), which aims at creating the first synthetic human genome, recently announced the re-opening of the project, even if on a smaller scale, at a conference in Boston. The project now focuses on ultra-safe cell, yet financing still proves to be a problem…  

Neurosciences and the pharmaceutical industry have had a long-lasting, but not always happy relationship. Recently, Pfizer decided to abandon neuroscience research, a topic it had always been sensitive to. Yet failure is a step on the road to success.

Carenza medici - Doctor Shortage

A surge of doctors are retiring in the next ten years. This statistic would not be so alarming if there were new doctors to replace them, yet the current education system does not provide an adequate number of replacements. This has officially become an alarming doctor shortage, but at least for general practitioners, there may […]