10 step per un Patient Support Program

Patient Support Programs are playing an increasingly important role in assisting chronically ill patients. The practical and psychological help they provide substantially improves adherence to therapy. The following 10 steps toward a successful Patient Support Program are based on our decades of experience.

Patient Support Program per l'ipertensione Hypertension

One in three Europeans (and one in three Italians) suffers from hypertension. This alarming statistic is on the rise with the general aging of the population. And yet, in Italy, 50% of people suffering from hypertension refuse check-ups and treatment.  New approaches to the problem, including Patient Support Programs, are expected to improve treatment adherence.

Aderenza alla Terapia - Patient Adherence to Treatment

Poor adherence to prescribed medication is the main reason pharmacological treatments can be ineffective and represents a threat for both patients and the healthcare system in that it creates an increased number of interventions. New strategies, in particular Patient Support Programs (PSPs), have proven effective in improving adherence to treatment.

patient journeys

Understanding and outlining a patient’s journey through illness is fundamental to developing effective Patient Support Programs.

Patient Support Programs - Programmi di Supporto ai Pazienti

Patient Support Programs aid doctors in medication therapy management. They redefine and broaden the concept of assistance, improve adherence to medications and treatment and, consequently, improve their effectiveness and quality of life.

Digital Health

Imagine having your medical history ready to hand at all times, wherever you are, and being able to open your clinical records – checked by you, the Patient, and updated exclusively by your treating physician. Whether it’s short or long isn’t important; what matters is that you have it all at your fingertips, with just […]

Caregiver familiare

Rights and legal protections for the increasing number of persons who are an everyday necessity to Patients. The numbers, the defining parameters, and the proposed legal safeguards for those who care for Patients at home.

aderenza alla terapia - adherence to therapy

To all of us, at least once in our lives, it will happen that we forget to follow the Doctor’s prescribed course of treatment – perhaps, for example, to cure that annoying sore throat. The schedule has been set in agreement with the Doctor, and we’ve even set the reminder alarm on our cell phone […]