malattia di von Willebrand - Von Willebrand Disease

Von Willebrand Disease is scarcely known, but quite frequent, affecting 8 out of 1000 people worldwide. Here we will discuss what this disease entails and how to live with it.

curare il morbo di crohn - crohn’s disease

Preventing the onset of Crohn’s disease and curing it forever is unfortunately impossible, but it is possible to prevent complications and the evolution of the disease.

Terapie Orali - Oral Therapy

Oral therapy, even for chronic pathologies, is revolutionizing the world of medicine. While simplifying the administration of medication re-defines the doctor-patient relationship, there are some psychological repercussions that need to be carefully considered.

Autosomministrazione - Self-Administration

Self-administration of medicine and related services, such as the home delivery of medication, can improve adherence when properly managed.


Technology has made great strides in terms of data transfer, constantly improving the quality of traditional telemedicine that involves the transmittance and analysis of patient data. There are now, however, remote services that are equally important and related to patient support in medication therapy management. These services are re-defining the nature of telemedicine and are […]

Curare il Diabete - Curing Diabetes

The most common type of diabetes, often associated with a dysfunctional life-style and particularly observed in the elderly, operates in the shadows with no evident symptoms, but seriously undermines the health of the patient. The good news is that diabetes may regress and can be cured, but requires self-control and teamwork.