In Italy, more than 2.8 million people look after sick and disabled family members on a regular basis; a responsibility that regards  5.9% of men and 9.4 % of women from 18-64 years old.  Quite often, these same people also take care of their own children and other family members at the same time. This […]


It has recently been confirmed that the super-ticket for medical visits will be abolished by September 1, 2020. The decision follows the measures contained in the last tax decree approved by the Council of Ministers at Palazzo Chigi.  Minister of Health Roberto Speranza says the objective is to lighten family healthcare costs and to eliminate […]

Alzheimer; test Alzheimer

One of the greatest challenges to modern medicine is the fight against Alzheimer’s, the most common form of progressive and disabling degenerative dementia. Each year, 7.7 million patients are diagnosed throughout the world.

Malattie Rare

The good news is another group of diseases that are eligible for exemptions have recently been added to the list of rare diseases (diseases that affect no more than 5 people in 10,000). For patients, this often means medical examinations and check-ups to diagnose and manage the disease without increased expenses. Given the particular nature […]

tech n'care

Technology has been invading every sector of human life for several years and it now seems impossible to carry out daily life without it. The healthcare industry is no different and technology has brought about many advantages in this sector as well. The use of technology, however, has separated patients into different categories based on […]

Tecnologia nei servizi sanitari

It is almost impossible to imagine our lives without technology. For years it has been accompanying us in everything we do, from sending birthday wishes to making vacation plans. It is thus only natural that technology would take on an increasingly important role in healthcare pathways, even becoming an integral part of the health system. […]

Patient Engagement Model

One of the greatest challenges facing the Italian Healthcare System is more adherence to the patient engagement model, a new form of healthcare that requires the patient to take on a much more active role in his or her own course of treatment, contrary to the passive role of patients today. For some time now, some […]