assistenza domiciliare

A study done by Johns Hopkins University makes a promising discovery- elderly people with vision loss are more likely to suffer from cognitive decline.  If this data is confirmed, we can look forward to more focused and functional pharmacological care, both in terms of prevention and treatment.

patologie croniche

Chronic skin diseases may not be as serious as other chronic diseases, but they do have a negative impact on the life of patients. The extremely visible symptoms cause patients to experience significant psychological and social distress, an aspect that physicians must take into consideration during therapy. 

educazione alla terapia

According to the World Health Organization, 80% of non-hospitalized patients suffer from chronic diseases. As already seen, there is a strong tendency in chronic patients not to adhere to the therapy prescribed by their physician, resulting in consequences for both the health of the patient and elevated costs for the national health system. New methods […]

efficacia delle cure

The widespread phenomenon of lack of adherence to therapy renders many prescribed therapies ineffective with severe consequences for patients and extremely high costs for the National Health System. Patient Support Programs improve the effectiveness of treatments by working closely with the patient, offering assistance and information with the objective of improving adherence to therapy and, consequently, […]

aderenza terapeutica

“Adherence to Therapy” can be defined as the patient’s ability to fully and accurately observe a physician’s advice and instructions. While adherence to therapy plays a key role in treating every type of disease, its importance is often overlooked. There are many reasons a patient may not adhere to therapy, however, and it is not […]

Medicina di precisione - Precision medicine

In the last few years, medicine has deviated even further from the protocols used in the past. The impersonal approach and tendency to identify a patient merely by the name of his or her disease is giving way to new practices that are not only more human, but more effective. Precision medicine represents one of […]

ipertensione polmonare - Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary Hypertension is a rare, disabling disease that affects approximately 60 in one million people and there are currently about three thousand cases in Italy. Early diagnosis is essential in order to improve a patient’s prognosis and quality of life.