patologie croniche

Chronic skin diseases may not be as serious as other chronic diseases, but they do have a negative impact on the life of patients. The extremely visible symptoms cause patients to experience significant psychological and social distress, an aspect that physicians must take into consideration during therapy. 

A study carried out by researchers at the Gemelli University Hospital (Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS) in Rome led to an important discovery. Heart arrhythmias in 75% of Brugada syndrome cases were caused by an abnormal state of inflammation in the heart muscle. This discovery aids the diagnosis of high-risk patients. 

The relationship between man, medicine and technology is making huge progress, one that has been made even bigger today. Doctors and researchers have joined forces at the University of Siena to develop the robotic sixth finger, an innovative prothesis that allows patients with missing hand function to grasp objects.


Research continues efforts to find new solutions for Alzheimer’s.  A new study carried out by researchers at the Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University (USA), published in “Molecular Psychiatry”, has found that the nutrient choline is capable of fighting Alzheimer’s across generations.


The “2018 Report – Donate to cure: Poverty, Healthcare and Drug Donations”, promoted by the non-profit Banco Farmaceutico Foundation and BfResearch, revealed that many Italian families do not have access to medication and medical treatments due to poverty. This is just one of many contradictions in a country like Italy, which, on one hand, is […]


Everyone knows that excess body weight is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It is less known, however, and cause for even greater concern, that excess body weight also increases the risk of cancer.  A recent report sheds light on the link between excess body weight and cancer. 

scompenso cardiaco

Heart failure represents the final stage for many cardiovascular diseases and is one of the main causes of hospitalization and death in the Western world. A recent study has identified a method that analyzes the presence of three biomarkers in the blood, allowing us to predict the outcome of patients with heart failure and evaluate […]

Diabetes; cure; pancreas

A study conducted on cells in the pancreas has given new hope for a possible cure for diabetes. The results, published in Nature Cell Biology, demonstrate how cells in the pancreas can, when necessary, change function and identity. What’s more, the cells are able to maintain these new characteristics in the long-term. The real breakthrough, […]

polio eradication

There is good news from the world of medicine. The number of poliomyelitis cases throughout the world has decreased, with only a few countries left with the disease. Continuing with correct vaccination strategies, WHO expects eradication in 2019.