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New blood biomarker can predict heart attacks

Research on biomarkers in the blood of patients has given way to important discoveries regarding cardiovascular diseases. Recently another discovery has been made.  An Italian study, published in the prestigious journal Plos One, discovered a new genetic biomarker that identifies patients most at risk of suffering a heart attack. Promptly identifying these patients allows urgent […]

Improving the effectiveness of treatments trough patient support programs

The widespread phenomenon of lack of adherence to therapy renders many prescribed therapies ineffective with severe consequences for patients and extremely high costs for the National Health System. Patient Support Programs improve the effectiveness of treatments by working closely with the patient, offering assistance and information with the objective of improving adherence to therapy and, consequently, […]

What does adherence to therapy mean?

“Adherence to Therapy” can be defined as the patient’s ability to fully and accurately observe a physician’s advice and instructions. While adherence to therapy plays a key role in treating every type of disease, its importance is often overlooked. There are many reasons a patient may not adhere to therapy, however, and it is not […]

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500,000 People in Italy deprived of medical treatments and medication due to poverty

The “2018 Report – Donate to cure: Poverty, Healthcare and Drug Donations”, promoted by the non-profit Banco Farmaceutico Foundation and BfResearch, revealed that many Italian families do not have access to medication and medical treatments due to poverty. This is just one of many contradictions in a country like Italy, which, on one hand, is […]