About us

A story of Innovation and Success

Domedica, an IQVIA business, was founded in 2005, the first company to introduce Patient Support Programmes in Italy. We were born patient-centric, much before the concept became fashionable.

Our ambition was to operate in partnership with the most innovative Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Companies to improve health outcomes, with projects and services that enhance the quality and continuity of care to Patients.

It sounded simple, but it has not been easy: we had to change mindsets, convince myriad different stakeholders, identify like-minded constituencies, design technological solutions, select a team of exceptional nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals that share our vision.

At this point in the journey, we are proud of what we have accomplished. We have earned the trust of the leading Pharmaceutical Companies that have partnered with us over the years, grown a team of passionate healthcare professionals, devised and executed dozens of innovative projects, Programmes and solutions that sounded impossible before we set out to make them a reality.

But none of this would have any meaning if we had not achieved our most important goal: making a concrete difference in the daily lives of each and every one of the many thousands of Patients and their families to whom we provide care. This is what truly matters and guides every action of every one of our passionate Professionals, every day.

Numbers and Stats

300 +
Patient Support Programmes, RWE-related projects and studies executed until now
160 +
Field Professionals (Nurses, Physicians, Psychologists, Research Nurses, Physiotherapists)
2.200 +
Drug Deliveries
Local Health Authorities covered in Italy
100.000 +
Patients Supported
European Markets Covered