A Patient’s Personal Experience in a Domedica Support Program

Domedica provides many support programs for healthcare workers and patients. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of all the people involved in a course of treatment in order to maximize the effectiveness of treatment. A patient that uses one of Domedica’s Support Programs kindly agreed to answer some questions and tell us about her experience in the program.

1. Do you remember the first time you were contacted by Domedica?

Yes, I received a phone call from Rita, who explained the program to me.  It was very important that I talked to her because she gave me a better understanding of what the doctor had already mentioned. She’s my friendly voice, the person who contacts me. She’s always very kind and genuinely interested in me.  I felt I could trust her from the first time we spoke!

2. Which people have you been in contact with? Telephone operators? Doctors? Nurses? What has been your impression of them?

I speak and meet with different people from Domedica. Rita and I speak on the phone. Maria and Giorgio are the nurse and doctor that provide therapy at my home.  They all have the same way of doing things. They are each very professional and friendly, which was very important for me given that I was initially quite reluctant towards the program. They make me feel important and looked after and I am grateful to my doctor for having told me about this program.  I am limited by my illness and using this program has become essential for me! 

3. Do you feel well taken care of, listened to and cared about in your phone interactions despite the fact you have never actually met the person you are talking to?

Absolutely. Like I said, Rita has become a friend. She’s always ready and willing to listen to me and find the best solution for my needs. Last summer, my children needed me to go to the summer house with my grandchildren and the babysitter from the beginning of June until September… I was frustrated because I thought I wouldn’t be able to go and help them because I would miss therapy. I was pleasantly surprised when I spoke to Rita about it and she reassured me that a nurse and a doctor would be able to reach me even at our summer home in another region!   I finally felt that I was useful for my children, that my illness wasn’t an obstacle and I will always be grateful for this!

4. Do you think the support program has been beneficial even from an emotional point of view?

Most definitely! I think that every time someone makes us feel important, a little spring is triggered inside of us. I try to do this with my grandchildren and every time I encourage them, they are more obedient towards their parents, they do better at school…  basically their performance improves… I felt like I needed to react to my illness, for myself and my family. And even for the doctors at the hospital and the people that follow up on me at Domedica, who are all working for me, to treat me and make me feel better, so I’m doing my best for them too!

5. If you could describe the support Domedica offers in a single word, which word would you choose?

“Useful”, without a doubt. I could attribute many other qualities to Domedica, but if I can only choose one I would have to say that the program is fundamental for me because of how useful it is!

6. Could you provide an example of a “benefit” generated by Domedica’s support that you received from your treating physician?

My doctor at the hospital is happy because I am calmer during my check-ups. He’s often asked me how things are going with Domedica’s program and when I respond positively, he says he’s happy for me. That’s all he says, but I can see he’s satisfied, maybe because I almost never need to call him now that I am in the program… but he didn’t say that, that’s just what I think…

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