The leader in Patient Support Programmes and Integrated Health Care services in Italy

We have designed and executed more than 100 Patient Support Programmes and Integrated Health Care Projects.

Our expertise covers more than 30 Therapeutic Areas and Indications.

Over 10 years of experience in designing and executing Patient Support Programmes and Support Programmes for Physicians, Clinical Centres and other Constituencies in Health Care.

Our Programmes enhance the quality and effectiveness of care, improve therapy adoption and increase long-term adherence.

We conduct Home Clinical Trials, Observational and Clinical Studies, Behavioural Research, Insights and Impact Analyses, both at an Italian and International level.

Our Projects document, leverage and disseminate high-impact evidence on Therapies and Therapeutic Approaches.

High Touch and High Tech. Care, personalised
The most effective blend of Professionals and Technology to serve the “Care Ecosystem”.

Tech n’ Care is Domedica’s new approach to deliver truly personalised care. Dedicated to Patients and to Health Care Professionals.

More than an execution machine

Evaluation and Development
Analysis of market opportunities and Service “gaps” for Patients, Caregivers and Clinical Centres.
Customised detailed Design
Customised processes and procedures, Branding, Communication and Risk minimisation Plans.
Continuous Activation and Execution
Activation of Clinical Centres, Enrolment of Patients, Execution of Support activities to Patients, Caregivers and Physicians.
Impact and Performance Analysis
Collection and evaluation of KPIs and outcome data.


Medicina e Futuro

Healthcare After Covid

Among the many uncertainties that have accompanied us the last few months, at